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Jennifer Connelly Quot Quot Earth Quot Stood Still But The Trim Actress Rarely Does

Jennifer Connelly Whippet-thin appearance was the main attraction at Tuesday premiere for The Day the Earth stood still. How do you stay so thin? Running After My Kids the mother of two told us the red carpet, adding: I eat a ridiculous amount of apples. .
11.12.08 09:56

Hayden Panettiere Hard At Work

The I Love You Beth Cooperhottie was all smiles as who chatted with men between takes, looking good in a white sweater, dark wash jeans, and black shoes.. Busying with them make more awesome episodes of its hit show Heroe, Hayden Panettiere was detected on Los Angele set yesterday (Dec. 9).
11.12.08 09:56

P Diddy Im Trying To Dress Less Flashy

You Gotta Know When To Hold Back And Not To Rub It In. P Diddy has voted to stop wearing so much bling until the credit crunch is over. Out of respect, Ive been trying to clothing less flashy, he says, Metro. The rapper doesn t want to show his fans when they are in Financial Difficulty. Its one thing to be elegant, his being on top of another.
11.12.08 09:56

Jennifer Hudson Goes Back To Work

Hudson estranged brother-in-law, William Balfour, was charged with the killings.. Six weeks after the tragic death of his mother, brother and nephew, singer Jennifer Hudson is back to work. The Dream Girl star is scheduled to begin filming a music video next week for his hit, If This Isnt Love J Record confirmation of AP. Jennifer was due to film the video before tragedies, and has been in isolation since the killings.
11.12.08 09:56

Kelly Rowland To Star In Dreamgirls 2 But Neither Beyonce Or Jennifer Hudson Have Signed On Yet

KELLY ROWLAND once went on a double date with Beyonc Knowles - but was so tired that you fell asleep. I d been working so hard and we d gone to see Theres Something About Mary cinema. Star confessed: It so funny, why is the word back to my mother that I planned to move to London and he not too happy about me being so far from home!. The Destiny Child star has had a tiring day when she went out for the night - and not all t go as planned. It was terrible. Kelly Rowland has revealed that he had the opportunity to ask her mother permission to move to London. L ex Destiny Child singer had said earlier era house hunting in the capital as she loves so much, but when his mother heard the news, Kelly is in trouble. The U.S. The lights went up and I was actually slobbering on the boy shoulder. She tells British magazine Closer, once I fell asleep while on a double date with Beyonce.
11.12.08 09:56

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